Acanthus whitewater

Une vivace très lumineuse, à commander en . Spectaculaires pour la plupart, elles en imposent avec les grandes feuilles profondément lobées, . Famille botanique : Acanthacées. Elle est plus belle et plus . This vigorous, variegated Acanthus has striking, bold leaves with deeply cut white margins and splashing on the leaves. La plus vigoureuse des acanthes panachées.

Magnifique feuillage vert foncé panaché de . Floraison très originale avec une . Tranquility Cottage Nursery. Nom commun, Acanthe panachée. Try this rugge vigorous Acanthus , for beautiful dark-green leaves with deeply cut white margins and splashing featuring showy pink-and-cream flowers in June. Acanthus Whitewater is a hardy perennial with glossy cream and green variegated leaves and pink and cream flower spikes in summer best in light shade. The leaves of this most striking variety are variably edged and splashed in white.

The flower spikes are also a ghostly cream with . Click here to find out more.

Leaves with white shades look like waves of clean, clear water. Pink and cream flower stalks are showy and last throughout the entire summer. Bol deeply jagge variegated leaves of green and white form the dense base of this spiky plant with its ornate white and pink flowers rising above it. More heat and humidity tolerant than Tasmanian Angel. Algemene omschrijving Gepatenteerde kruising tussen Acanthus ×`Summer Beauty` en Acanthus mollis Tasmanian Angel Bladeren met grote witte vlakken . Blattfarbe : Grün Weiss Blütenfarbe : Rosa Blütezeit : 6-7.

Standort : Halbschattig Patent : . Boutique vente de plantes et fleurs vivaces. Bold leaves with deeply cut white margins. Buchholz and Buchholz Nursery is a wholesale nursery in Gaston, Oregon offering only the finest plants from the best corners of the world. Boldly-variegated leaves are splashed with white on this vigorous form.

A new and distinct form of Acanthus plant characterized by variegated leaves and excellent vigor. Spinosus is a weed here, but I had troubles with acanthus mollis in the past, including Summer Beauty. If it might grow successfully here, than . ACANTHUS DIOSCORIDIS SMOOTH LEAF EDGE.

Large, dark green leaves, heavily splashed white with pink and white flowers in summer – choose from our extensive selection of plants, seeds, bulbs and . This is an Acanthus to lust after! Bold variegated leaves with deeply cut margins and striking white splashes.

Some leaves are almost entirely white. Great prices on your favourite Gardening brands, and free delivery on eligible orders.