Allium globemaster

Commandez cette bulbeuse spectaculaire . Elles laissent place en été à une hampe florale . Des tiges robustes portent des énormes ombelles sphériques (plus de 22cm de diamètre) de fleurs étoilées. This is the biggest and many think the best Allium yet. Small, silvery purple florets form 8–10″ flower heads.

En terre ou en pot, voic les conseils.

Bulb Spacing ‎: ‎bulbs per sq. Fleur énorme, très décorative. Surprenez tout le monde avec cette plante majestueuse ! The genus Allium contains over 7species of bulbous or rhizomatous plants. Common Name ‎: ‎ornamental onion Leaf ‎: ‎Fragrant Height ‎: ‎1. Giant, diameter violet-purple globes are as big as bowling balls.

The largest of all alliums , with dense heads containing hundreds of little florets. These appear in midsummer, . This stunning variety of the flowering onion plant has huge violet to purple round globes that are a prefect addition to any border or can also.

The large 6-inch globes are absolutely stunning in deep purple. We recommend planting them with foxglove . Globemaster is the best selection for color intensity. Hampe florale de à 20cm de diamètre, . Huge balls of purple flowers that the bees love and are exceptional for drying. Allium giganteum, common name giant onion, is an Asian species of onion, native to central. Jeff talks us through how to achieve gigantic.

ALLIUM atropurpureum Nouveau. Jesdianum Early Emperor – Allium. Massive spherical heads of aster violet burst into bloom in mid-summer. The tightly clustered globe is made up of dainty start shaped flowers suspended. Part of the onion family, this fall planting bulb is as . Lorsque les fleurs commencent.

Fall bulbs are now available for pre-order! Bulbs will begin to arrive at the end of August. Sous nos latitudes, il pourra conquérir . Buitengewoon grote asterviolet gekleurde bloem (doorsnede tot cm.).

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Huge flower heads up to across are composed of hundreds of purple flowers.