Alstroemeria inticancha

Alstroemeria Inticancha Red ou Valentino – Lis des Incas. Avec son port compact et sa. Le lys des Incas ( alstroemeria ) ou alstroémère est de la famille botanique amaryllidacées. Il se compose de fleurs frangées, le tout formant une boule. Ses feuilles sont vert foncé.

Les alstoemères inticancha sont plus compacts et plus faciles de.

Passion is a real eye catcher with big well marked flowers, makes a super plant for large containers. Needs protection in cold Winters. Similar in colour when compared with Indian Summer, but a much shorter habit. Looks great planted in terracotta pots, where the . Very, very dark purple flowers on super dwarf plants, maybe too dark for some situations, but in the right location simply stunning. This selection bears flowers which are white with a pronounced deep pink blotch in the throat and a small green flare on the end of each petal.

Les coloris variés de ses fleurs . Perennial: Bog, deer and drought tolerant.

Cette série fleurit bien, pousse de . The plant has compact growth and performs well in containers. With abundant flowering, these plants are perfect for patio. It is a clump forming plant with dark green leaves and dark red funnel shaped flowers that . Inticancha plants are compact and their elegant petals are fresh and brightly coloured. The newest additions are Navayo, Maya, Machu, White Purple Blush, Tickled Pink and . The Inticancha series contains varieties in many different colours.

Inticancha Series are compact, bushy, clump-forming, tuberous perennials with upright stems bearing lance-shape dark green leaves an from summer into . Uses: Pot plant and patio containers. Flowering period: June to November. Growing alstroemeria in your garden or greenhouse is simple with this easy to follow guide to growing alstroemeria.

Het zijn bossige compactgroeiende planten. Uitgebloeide bloemen met scheut uittrekken. Find the perfect alstroemeria inticancha stock photo. Compact mounding habit with a strong heat tolerance. Producing beautiful colour in the garden from late . Masses of beautiful soft pink and white flowers from Jun – Nov.

Prefers well drained soil and a sunny, sheltered location.