Asclepias incarnata

Une belle américaine, livrée chez vous ! Soyez le premier à laisser un avis sur ce produit ! Période de floraison : Juillet, Août, . Native Range ‎: ‎Northeastern and southeastern. Les gens qui aiment les papillons, les monarques en particulier, devraient se faire un.

The juice of this wetland milkweed is less milky than that of other species. One of the most beautiful of native perennials with clusters of upturned pink flowers in June and July. Asclepias incarnata (Swamp milkweed).

Show All Show Tabs swamp milkweed. Een goede winterharde telg van dit boeiende geslacht. It is extremely elegant, producing willowy foliage and cherry-red blooms. It is in flower from July to August, and the seeds ripen in . That lovely vanilla fragrance you detect .

There are two varieties in our area. We have different types and colors of Milkweed seeds available. Plant several types together for a beautiful look and help save the Monarchs! Pink flowers in late summer. Sear the ends of the cut stems over a flame to stop . Recommended Uses: Plant in wet areas where it can be grown in large clumps.

Grows naturally in floodplains. Copyright by: Shirley Denton. General Landscape Uses: Primarily recommended for natural landscapes . ASCLEPIAS incarnata Cinderella,Pépinière jardin de vivaces de collection à feuillages colorés: pourpres, dorés, argentés, panachés. Clusters of fragrant, pink flowers bloom at the top of stems, July-August.

Swamp Milkweed is a wildlife-friendly perennial. The flowers are followed by elongated . Common name: Swamp milkweed. It is a host plant for the monarch butterfly. As a tall herbaceous moisture-loving perennial, Swamp milkweed seeks sunny .

Synonym, Full Citation, Basionym, Type. We performed hand-pollinations in the . A recent selection of a native North American wildflower. This forms a tall, upright clump of long green leaves, bearing clusters of cherry-pink flowers with a tiny . As its common name implies, swamp milkweed prefers consistently moist sites and tolerates shallow flooding. Nom français: Asclépiade incarnate.

Nom anglais: Swamp milkweed. They have small, curiously shaped blooms that appear in dense . Related Links (opens in a new window). Bloeit met fraaie samengestelde.