Une plante idéale en jardins . Les feuilles possèdent trois folioles. Baptisia australis est une plante vivace de la famille des Fabacées. And both buzz with approval when the wild indigo ( Baptisia spp.) blooms.

These rugged plants and their lupine-like spires of bloom are real attentiongetters.

Le dictionnaire des plantes par Ooreka. Plante vivace de la même famille que les lupins, portant de grandes tiges de fleurs bleu violacé en juin-juillet. Croissance lente, mais plante de longue vie. False Indigo provides an arresting presence in the garden. Blue green foliage is topped with spires of lupine-like . This Baptisia greatly impressed us in our trials with its perfect habit and heavy flower production.

Every year the Perennial Plant Association chooses a plant of the year.

The branching foliage and blossoms become showier and. In late spring, blue to indigo pea-shaped flowers are. Native Range ‎: ‎Eastern United States Spread ‎: ‎3.

In spring, this native to the North American prairies . La BAPTISIA australis est la vivace par excellence pour les plates-bandes. Son feuillage rappelant celui du lupin est bleuté et très décoratif. Blue spikes of pea-shaped flowers resemble the tall racemes of lupines in May and early June. A slow to mature, but very . Echinacea angustifolia, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Baptisia tinctoria, Arnica . Baptisia is a North American native plant that grows in dry hilly woods (111) from North Carolina to southern Canada (11).

It is a 2-foot high perennial, . Graines de fleurs Vivaces – BAPTISIA – Graineterie en ligne vente de plants et de semences : graines potageres, graines fleurs et graines bio. Baptisia definition is – any of a genus ( Baptisia ) of North American plants of the legume family having showy papilionaceous flowers similar in form to those of the . Show All Show Tabs blue wild indigo. Baptisia poisoning: a new and toxic look-alike in the .

Well-draine deep, rich soil is best, although Baptisia does quite well in soils of low fertility. Cette espèce vivace des prairies. Fertilize in early spring with a balanced fertilizer with supplemental . Baptisia lactea (or alba) begins its growth cycle in spring when a slender smokey-purple stem emerges from . Vivace, elle fait partie de la famille des lupins et peut .