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The Bug-A-Salt shoots a shotgun spray of regular table salt and decimates flies . Experience the thrill of shooting. SALT HAS NEVER BEEN SO SWEET! Ladies will be sure to turn a few heads while sporting the sleek, pink camo design – and then drop jaws while . Shot Fly Swatter Pest Control Gun.

Shop with confidence on eBay! Pest Eradication Device : Camping Supplies at SamsClub. We wanted to share our new toy the Bug-A-Salt 2. Thanks for watching our Bug-A-Salt in action video!

Have a little fun while taking down pesky flies with the redesigned Bug-A-Salt 2. Fires table salt in a shotgun pattern, disposing of flies, mosquitoes and other . Salt Gun lets you rid the world of pests. Have a blast keeping flies and other insects at bay with the Bug-A-Salt Rifle 2.

This safe, nontoxic and fun gun shoots common table . Bug- Beam Combo – Passion Assassin 2. Bug-A-Salt is a plastic gun that sprays table salt like a shotgun, in a conical spread pattern. Lorenzo Maggiore invented it to kill houseflies at a distance, without . Insect Eradication Gun – Skell Inc – Other Repellants. Shooting a shotgun spray of regular granulated table salt the Bug-A-Salt is . Although by definition, it is illegal to use within my city limits.

Environmentally friendly fly killing device is now upgraded and available in camouflage! So the makers of the Bug-A-Salt have just . Read this review on the pros and cons of the Bug a Salt and Bu-A-Salt 2. FLY GUN – DIRECT FROM PATENT HOLDER: Amazon. A surefire fun way to enjoy a disgusting task.

Det er på tide at finde de tunge våben frem mod fluerne, og hvis du har en Bug-a- salt 2. Camofly i hænderne, har fluerne ikke en chance. The new and improved Bug-A-Salt 2. NOUVELLE ARME ANTI-MOUCHE pas cher sur Cdiscount.

Livraison rapide et Economies garanties en corde à sauter . Textura ierter antideslizante . Often needs a couple successful attempts to truly get the . The original Bug-A-Salt introduced the world to the joys of destroying flies with table salt, and now the creators are back with an upgraded .