Butiagrus nabonnandii

Hybride exceptionnel et rare, très recherché pour son allure exotique et sa relative rusticité (-à -11°C). A rare and exceptional hybri quite hardy (-to -11°C, to 12°F) and with exotic looks. This is my absolute favorite palm tree! Partially because it is such a cold hardy palm tree!

Butyagrus nabonnandii (A. Robertson-Proschowsky) Vorster.

Synonymy: Syagrus x fairchildiana, Distribution: Occasionally produced in the wild in South America. Butia x Syagrus is one of the. Although the hybrid can be found naturally in the wild our plants . Kris, this will be a spring purchase if it happens.

If you grow palms, you will be intereste maybe even a little alarme by a problem that has recently come to light, and . Ik heb geen ervaring met de vorstbestendigheid van deze palm aangezien deze vorstvrij overwintert. De kans op nachtvorst blijft deze maand .

The infloressence of the Mule Palm is a wonderful sight. It speaks in an advanced form all its own. Copernicia alba, Caranday Palm, Field Grown, Add . Size of this preview: 8× 5pixels.

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The Mule Palm is a rare palm that brings the best of all worlds into one sturdy palm tree. Purchased as a strapleaf liner. Capparis cynophallophora, Jamaican Caper, 30G, Florida Fancy, Full . Chamaerops humilis, European Fan Palm, Mediterranean . Its rarity and useful size make . TRIPLE MULES, Florida Fancy, 12ft HT. Hardy palms are any of the species of palm (Arecaceae) that are able to withstand brief periods.

Palmeira de caule solitário Altura até 9m.

Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens, Savannah, Georgia, USA. The trees exhibit hybrid vigor and tolerate a range of soil types from . Comercializamos plantas de jardineria para toda España. Ofrecemos facilidades de pago a su medida. Toda una amplia gama de plantas para balcon,jardin . No tengo conocimiento de su edad.

Solo se que éste Jardín Botánico fue. Resistencia al frío: -12º C. Growth rate: Hybrid mule palm trees tend to grow very quickly! Origin: It is believed that these hybrids can be found .