Carex eversheen

Famille botanique : Cyperacées. Rayures lumineuses et Robustesse. Son feuillage fin et persistant est étonnant, de couleur . Obtention de Fitzgerald Nurseries, Irlande.

Touffe basse persistante rustique formée de feuilles étroites jaune citron bordées de vert foncé. Description Nouvelle graminée très .

Un vent frais souffle sur votre jardin. Gai et énergique, vous devenez ! A wonderful little selection with a fresh . Eversheen Evercolor leaves have lime yellow centers and deep green margins. Bright color for shade and containers and during winter months.

It is not only evergreen, but . Grows in Part Sun to Light Shade. A fresh breeze is blowing through your garden. Neat mounding habit with brightly variegated dark green leaves striped with gold centers, gracefully arching, perfect for a splash of color in the shade garden.

This ornamental grass forms a low cascading clump of leathery dark green leaves with cream margins. Yellow Variegated Japanese Sedge. Unique green leaves edged in yellow. This decorative clump forming grass looks good in both summer. Plant this easy-to-grow grass as a texture vertical accent in any perennial garden.

Late Summer Bloom Tall Zone 3-A warm season grass that does well in . A stunning Carex that works wonders in containers or as edging to flower beds. Each slender, dark green leaf features a broad central stripe of yellow, and the mass of foliage arches out from a tight crown to create an elegant. Distinctive lime yellow striped foliage with green margins gives this wonderful Sedge Grass a fresh appearance. Matures at inches tall and wide.

Photos et fiche descriptive détaillée des plantes de votre jardin, avec dimensions et caractéristiques. Hostas, heuchères, fougères, pivoines menu. Son port retombant élégant . Hij kan ook worden gebruikt om schaduwplekken op te vrolijken of als borderbeplanting. Carex oshimensis Eversheen Discover the beautiful perennials and graceful grasses grown by Santa Rosa Gardens.

Plants and garden accessories available. Everillo Carex is a truly unique plant and with its vibrant color it will provide the perfect pop of color for a shady garden or great contrast in a container garden. There is a Carex for every effect you could wish to create.

Thumb_carex_evercolor_eversheen_cu_thumb_webready view images. Carex Eversheen is a superb ground cover and container plant with distinctive lime yellow striped .