Cyathea cooperi

Très belle et gracile fougère arborescente australienne au tronc fin. Famille botanique : Cyatheacées. Origine géographique : Forêts humides du Queenslan du Victoria et de Tasmanie. Cyathea cooperi est parfois appelée fougère arborescente du Queensland.

Flore de La Réunion, espèce envahissante.

Une grande fougère facile au feuillage luxuriant. This spectacular tree fern enjoys a sunny position for . A fern is any one of a group of about 10species of plants. Unlike mosses they have xylem and phloem (making them vascular plants). NOM COMMUN : Cyathée de Cooper, Fougère . Bailey Alsophila australis R. These ferns add a really nice tropical look to the landscape.

They have a few needs like medium shade and lots.

A medium to fast growing fern, generally with a straight, upright trunk. The crown is widely spread and the lacy, pale green fronds may reach over . This is probably the second most common treefern in cultivation after Dicksonia antarctica. Australian Treefern Lacy Treefern. Conservation Code: Not threatened.

Bare root mail order buy online fern nursery Ballarat home delivery. Synonym, Sphaeropteris cooperi. Other names, › Alsophila sp.

Idéale pour apporter une touche exotique aux massifs ! It is a fast growing fern that displaces native . Hawaii Pacific Weed Risk Assessment: , High Risk. Prevention and Control Category: . Is the species highly domesticated? Trunk can ultimately grow to 180cm!

Not a hardy fern except in very . Une des fougères arborescentes les plus couramment cultivées, largement utilisée dans les jardins et aménagements paysagers. Rustique ( – 6°C ) et facile à .

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