Daphne cneorum

Petit arbuste rampant au feuillage compact, persistant, vert foncé, lustré sur le dessus. Feuilles réparties le long des rameaux. Daphne cneorum (Petit Thymélée).

Pour zones de rusticité: 4b, 6. Engrais et amendement, secret vert, tourbe blonde.

Native to Europe, Rose daphne is planted for its fragrant, pink blossoms that first appear in April and bloom sporadically through the rest of the . Low spreading broadleaf evergreen with dark green narrow foliage all year long. Fragrant showy rosy-pink blooms in early spring. Low-spreading, broadleafed evergreen with masses of fragrant, deep ruby-pink flowers in late spring. The plant is evergreen and can be kept at almost any size by pruning after . Pronunciation: DAF-ne ne-OH-rum.

Embranchement, Spermatophyta (Angiospermae).

Fleurs (c) roses très odorantes. Show All Show Tabs garland-flower. Anguillara cite le cneorum tricoccon, Valérius Cordus le daphne mezereum, et Tragus le daphne laureola.

Le CHAMELEA ou chamelaia des Grecs et des Latins . Le CiiameLjEa ou chamelata des Grecs et des Latins. This daphne is only winter hardy to . Common Name ‎: ‎winter daphne Height ‎: ‎3. Description : Couleur : rouge rose. Zone ‎: ‎to Spread ‎: ‎2.

Cliquez sur la miniature pour agrandir la photo . Le ChameljEA ou chamelaia des Grecs et des Latins. A Le CnAMELÆa ou chamelaia des Grecs et des . Two different types of explants . The Biodiversity Heritage Library works collaboratively to make biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity community. Commonly called rose daphne, it grows more like a . This species is accepte and its native range is Europe.

The following other s use this file: Usage on ast. Lo cneoro è un piccolo arbusto prostrato con foglie sempreverdi lanceolate. Le infiorescenze, profumatissime, sono formate da piccoli fiori di colore rosa vivo .