Daphne x transatlantica eternal fragrance

Le feuillage persistant de Daphne Eternal fragrance est fin et vert foncé. Elle a une floraison de la fin du . Garde une partie de son feuillage en hiver, reste arrondi et compact. Plantez le au soleil en sol drainant.

Hybride entre Daphne caucasica et collina. This unusual semi-evergreen .

Le daphné ETERNAL FRAGRANCE offre une abondante floraison en avril-mai et refleurit . Nouvelle et rare daphnée persistante au port compact exceptionnelle pour sa très longue floraison au parfum délicieux. Cette excellente obtention . Vente en pots de et litres. Pour voir ce contenu, connectez-vous gratuitement. Daphne x transatlantica Eternal Fragrance Blafra. Sweet fragrance from flowers which keep coming from April through October.

With its heady perfume and long.

Taille à la livraison, à cm. The spicy- scented white flowers of this outstanding variety are borne abundantly in late spring and sporadically all season long. Daphne transatlantica Eternal Fragrance is a semi-evergreen variety which is still.

Its sweetly scent is not to be missed and is especially delightful when being . Daphnes are well known for their intensely fragrant flowers. Flower color ‎: ‎Pink Watering Needs ‎: ‎Water regularly – weekly, or. According to Robin White this plant is probably the same cross as D. The plant will flower in April and May with white . Each week, Marjorie Harris introduces readers to a seasonable plant and gives tips for prosperous growth. La floraison de ce daphné sera . It is rarely out of flower from spring to late autumn and its large, intensely fragrant.

Le Daphné est un arbuste de petite taille, au feuillage souvent duveteux et à la. All Flowers and Plants range at Tesco direct. Exposure: Full sun, Partial shade.

As the name suggests, this fine selection develops blossoms in . Nodaphné x transatlantica éternal fragrance ou daphne parfumé eternal fragrance pot litres Descriptif variétal : Obtention assez récente, le daphné. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants.

Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers. In the spring it produces masses of very fragrant , white, tubular flowers. Compact shrub with narrow, dark green leaves and a nice rounded form.

Read honest and unbiased product. A truly outstanding garden and pot performer, proven by over years of . The sweetly fragrant flowers of this recently developed Daphne are so intense that they will be a distraction in your .