Dichondra silver falls

Vivace gélive surprenante, au port retombant ou tapissant, résistante à la sécheresse. A installer au soleil ou à . Idéale pour la préparation de jardinières en . Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. Très grande lierre de coueur argenté.

Plante vigoureuse à petites feuilles argentées sur de longues tiges. This award winning, drought tolerant variety creates a silvery waterfall. One of the easiest methods of propagation is by layering. Combining fantastic silvery-green foliage with stealthy creeping growth habit, this variety is a brilliant choice for mixed containers.

Looking for a trailing plant with silvery foliage? Petite light-green to silver. Cette plante vigoureuse déploie de petites feuilles argentées de la forme d`un éventail sur de longues tiges argentées.

En bordure d`une plate-bande surélevée . W Family Name ‎: ‎Convolvulaceae . Dichondra is a prostrate plant belonging to the same family of morning . Grows well in sandy loams with good drainage. Soil drainage is particularly important if plants are grown as a ground cover. These Dichondra seeds produce a lovely silvery leaf and stem. Plant Spacing ‎: ‎inches Soil Type ‎: ‎Loamy, well draine pH of 5. Silver Falls Dichondra Ground Cover Seeds (P) Pkt of seeds.

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Recommandée dans les jardinières suspendues et les contenants décoratifs en raison de son port retombant. This variety is very heat and drought tolerant.

This delightful lowgrowing groundcover produce a mass of stunning silver stems and foliage that either spreads across the ground or cascades down from walls . Create a stunning cascade of silver iridescence with the unique fan-shaped shiny silver foliage that gently plummets over containers on its silver stems. It is grown for its foliage more than for a flower or . A fast grower, perfect as ground cover or flowing from.

Availability may be variable depending on season – To confirm current availability please Contact Us. With small, rounded leaves on a vining plant habit, the Falls series show their best attributes in containers or hanging baskets, either as a stand-alone plant or an . It also makes a great plant for hanging baskets as the long tendrils make a great show. Great for containers and landscape borders.