Dicksonia squarrosa

Fougère arborescente, Rough tree fern, Wheki. It has a slender black trunk that is . This species is quite distinct from D. At MyPalmShop you will find a wide range of fantastic trees and plants! The hardiest of the tree ferns available, this stunning NZ native is also the fastest growing.

Common names: Rough tree fern, Wheki, Brown tree fern.

Nous sommes actuellement en train de travailler sur la traduction . Le dictionnaire des plantes par Ooreka. Dicksonia squarrosa Tree Fern, NZ Wheki. This popular New Zealand fast-growing native requires shade around the roots, shelter from strong winds and good moisture levels.

Like other tree ferns it looks . It grows to a height of 2-6m. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. The hardy tree fern is found distributed across New Zealand forests.

The best known Cyathea are C. Didymochlaena lunulata Didymochlaena Intérêt décoratif Cette . Tree fern with glossy dark green fronds. Best quality trees and shrubs in . It is particularly abundant around. A NZ tree fern, distinguished by a slender trunk, clothed with fronds. A hardy and smaller growing variety,excellent for the garden.

ThePlantlist, originaire de Nouvelle-Zélande où elle est nommée Rough tree Fern, endémique à la . NEW ZEALAND TREE FERN, SLENDER TREE . Une fougère arborescente de taille moyenne originaire de Nouvelle-Zélande, où on la trouve. The Rough Tree Fern or “Wheki” as it is known . The record derives from IPNI which does not establish this name either as an . Show All Show Tabs hard treefern. Add this product to my List. The trunk can be chopped off and the fern will regrow from the base.

It will spread via underground rhizomes and form a grove, over time. Original Filename: Harris_008. Bonjour, de ma propre expérience, D.

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