Fallopia baldschuanica

Groupe de travail national Invasions biologiques en milieux . Plante volubile particulièrement. Nom commun, Renoué grimpante, vrillée du Turkestan, renouée de Boukhara,. Renouée grimpante, Renouée de Boukhara, Renouée du Turkestan.

Common Name ‎: ‎silver lace vine Spread ‎: ‎15.

Veuillez vous connecter pour intéragir avec cette fiche. The leaves are thick and heavily veined. Vines, perennial, not rhizomatous, 3-m.

Stems climbing, branched from near base, woody, glabrous, not glaucous. Leaves: ocrea usually deciduous, hyaline . Small, white flowers form in fragrant bunches on panicles throughout the entire growing area. To download an image please click on the thumbnail. Please click here for guidance on using the NNSS web .

Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special . Embranchement, Spermatophyta (Angiospermae). Bilderdykia baldschuanica (Regel) D. Many white, showy, fragrant flowers are borne in its . Henry Reynoutria baldschuanica (Regel) . Nativity: Exotic Habit: Shrub or Subshrub Vines. Chinese fleecevine, USDA PLANTS Symbol: FABA U. Der deutsche Name Knöterich leitet sich von den im Alter . Fallopia japonica x baldschuanica = F. Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 3. Tiniaria aubertii (L. Henry) Hedberg ex Janch.

Originating from South East Russia and Iran, these high maintenance climbing plants grow at a rapid rate of knots and can put on over foot . Vigorous twining deciduous perennial . Polygonacée à tige longue de 5-m. Tépales blancs ou un peu rosés. Pnącze tworzące długie, cienkie, wijące się p.

Rdestówka to najsilniej rosnące pnącze w naszym klimacie. If anyone has photos or reliable records of this taxon, we would be pleased to add these to the site.