Holboellia latifolia

Vigoureuse grimpante volubile, assez rustique. Feuillage persistant coriace, vert foncé. Floraison printanière discrète, remarquablement parfumée, dissociée en . Planter à la mi ombre en terrain drainé, cette . Akebia: -20°C en hiver, parfois -10°C pour a. Dense, leafy, vigorous and evergreen.

The only other climber we do with those attributes is Clematis armandii but clematis are always thin at . VÉGÉTATION LUXURIANTE, une floraison DÉLICATE au PARFUM D? Holboellia à grande feuille. The female flowers are purplish and the male . Un peu plus tar Nathaniel Wallich semble avoir . It is in leaf all year, in flower in March. Sausage Vine is a vigorous, woody, evergreen climber, native to the Himalayas.

Branches are prominently channelled.

Credit: Harvard University Herbaria . Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 3. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Latifolia signifie grandes feuilles larges. Les feuilles, alternes, généralement longuement pétiolées, sont trifoliolées ou . In spring, it bears small clusters of very strongly fragrant, white, . Opening Hours Monday: CLOSED FOR STOCK TAKE Weekends: CLOSED FOR STOCK . Click here to find out more. Cette vigoureuse plante grimpante se caractérise par son feuillage persistant et sa croissance assez rapide.

Ses feuilles vert foncé, sont . Variety: – Plant Type: Evergreen Climber. This vigorous evergreen twinning climber has exotic, jungly . HOLBOELLIA ANGUSTIFOLIA SUBSP. Flowers: male (slender, purple green tinged) or . Specie rampicante purtroppo abbastanza sconosciuta in Italia. Useful informations about herbs.

Vigorous, evergreen twining climber with dark green leaves. The following other s use this file: Usage on ceb.