Hosta sieboldiana elegans

Une hosta imposante à grandes feuilles rondes-cordiformes, fortement et profondément plissées, très glauques, gris bleuté. Fleurs campanulées, blanc grisâtre, . Feuillage gris bleu, large, très texturé et recourbé en forme de coupe à maturité. Demande un sol riche en matière organique, modérément . Hostas › Hosta sieboldiana var.

Grand hosta au feuillage bleu vert, glauque.

Feuilles en forme de cœur, ondulées et très épaisses. Les feuilles sont très larges, . Le feuillage épais et vert bleuté de ce hosta est tout à fait remarquable. Son port dressé et ses inflorescences, couvertes de . It is a clump-forming perennial that typically matures in a spreading foliage mound to tall and to -60 . Heart shape pale green leaves and fragrant flowers: litre pot: £9.

The rounded leaves measure up to 12in across and 30in tall under good culture, and the gray-green shading on both. Big heart-shaped powdery-blue leaves make this a really stunning hosta that creates quite an impact. The stems of near-white flowers in midsummer are a .

Elegans has huge roun heavy textured powdery blue leaves and white flowers. Their subtle colors, tall flower scapes, and broa coarse . Leaves are very thick and heavily corrugated. Large, roun deeply veined and puckere blue-green leaves, form a . Engrais et amendement, secret vert.

Les expéditions reprendront en septembre. Breathtaking when well established in deep rich soil in a cool situation. Hij heeft gekreukt, hartvormig, blauwachtig, groen blad en . Gigantic blue-green leaves are quite a sight.

As the foliage matures, it becomes heavily textured and corrugate allowing for excellent slug resistance. Huge,heart-shape blue-green leaves are heavy in substance with a deeply puckered texture. Good plants for the shade garden, the border and for containers. Sarah Raven: This blue-green leaved hosta is lovely. The textured leaves are joined by white flowers in the spring.

Huge wide blue leaves make an impressive dense. Het grote blauwgroene gerimpelde berijpte .