Lophomyrtus magic dragon

Famille botanique : Myrtacées. Unique feuillage rose, pourpre et crème. Magic Dragon est une sélection de la variété . Ses petites feuilles ovales et brillantes, sont pourpre bordé de rose,.

Hors climat doux, plantez-le en bac à hiverner hors gel. Evergreen shrub with unusual leaves of burgundy, cream and pink.

This is a compact shrub, with variegated leaves that . Un beau travail des sélectionneurs de . Période de floraison : Juin à août. Nature du sol : Caillouteux, Sec, . New Zealand Myrtle with attractive, evergreen foliage and fragrant white flowers in summer – choose from our extensive selection of plants, seeds, bulbs and . This plant makes an elegant evergreen shrub . This hardy evergreen has distinct burgundy foliage tipped with gentle pinks edges and cream . Small to medium-sized shrub related to myrtle. Vendu par, Qté disponible, Livraison à partir de, Qtés souhaitées.

The evergreen leaves are small and oval in . It features small, white flowers with a delicate. An unusual frost hardy bushy, upright, evergreen colourful foliage shrub. Striking new variegate evergreen, compact shrub with deep . It has small, neat burgundy leaves . The leaves are bordeaux, cream and pink . Burgundy coloured leaves with cream and pink margins. Slightly tender shrub best grown in mild locations.

Beautiful and unusual evergreen shrub with bronzy red and cream variegation. Ideal for pots or a sheltered free draining spot in sun or light shade. Available to buy from store(s) in the UK.

LOPHOMYRTUS RALPHII MAGIC DRAGON C 2L. Variant: Variété: RALPHII MAGIC DRAGON. Découvrez des idées sur le thème Dragons. Het olijfgroen blad is cremewit gerand met een purper tot roze gloed. RICHLY COLOURED LEAVES MAKE THIS AN ATTRACTIVE ALL YEAR ROUND PLANT.

A small, evergreen shrub with deep burgundy leaves splashed cream and pink. White flowers are borne in .