Magnolia stellata waterlily

Plante très florifère, couverte de fleurs en Mars-Avril, rustique et saine. Jeunes rameaux et boutons floraux velus. En mars, il se couvre de grosses corolles étoilées blanches au doux . Magnolia stellata Waterlily , Magnolia étoilé Waterlily.

Les grandes fleurs blanches en étoile, parfumées, . Statut de conservation UICN.

Flower ‎: ‎Showy, Fragrant Family ‎: ‎Magnoliaceae Height ‎: ‎10. Arbustes dressés, aux fleurs plus grandes, et pourvues de nombreux . Small specimens are multi-stemmed and 1. This variety blooms early but later than the species so it typically is able to avoid . A beautifully scented variety with masses of petals. Pale pink buds open to starry white blooms with a delicate pink blush on the outside.

During the early days of spring, star magnolias are among the first ornamentals to burst into bloom. Also known as Star Magnolia.

A deciduous shrub thatfull sun or partial shade with humus-rich soil that is moist and free-draining. Common Name: Waterlily Star Magnolia. Tends to be pinker in bud than most, and quite hardy. An excellent white form of M. Find the perfect magnolia stellata waterlily stock photo. Click here to find out more.

Istnieje kilka odmian magnolii gwiaździstej produ. Fully opened flowers are pure white with around separate tepals. Flowers in spring before the leaves appear. Sternmagnolie Waterlily – langsam wachsen nimmt mit der Zeit Kugelform an. Exposition : Mi-ombre et mi-soleil.

Arbuste au feuillage caduc originaire du Japon et à la croissance très . De bloeit van deze soort is rijkelijker met meer bloemblaadjes dan de gewone . This is an ideal accent tree for smaller landscapes. It features quite fragrant pink to white blooms in early spring. A profusion of white, lightly fragrant, star-shaped flowers on bare branches.

The best form of this stunning, compact Japanese shrub.

A slow growing shrub which rarely exceeds 3m in height. The flowers are pale pink on opening, fading to white. Pink buds open to white flowers. Late bloomer, better chance of flowers avoiding frost. Deze variëteit zijn uitbundige bloemers!

Aanrader als solitair in iedere tuin!