Olearia solandri

Floraison estivale parfumée. Il est bien adapté au bord de mer, . Cette plante forme un élégant buisson arrondi et dense. The plant has an upright, bushy stature, with . Olearia solandri , commonly known as coastal daisy-bush or coastal tree daisy, is a coastal shrub of New Zealand. Olearia : Derived from the latinised name (Olearius) of the 17th century German botanist Adam Oelenschlager solandri : Named after Daniel .

Arbuste persistant formant un buisson très dense. Petites feuilles linéaires, bronze, plus clair au revers. In exposed places, it will remain a small bushy shrub. De petites fleurs jaunes, très parfumées, . The chief point about this evergreen shrub is the subtle effect created by its minute leaves against a setting of yellow stems.

Good fast-growing shelter and hedging plant for dry, exposed sites. The abundant small white flowers in late summer are vanilla-scented. It is in leaf all year, in flower from August to October, and.

Excellent tree for dry exposed sites, coastal areas.

Abundant small, fragrant flowers. Extremely hardy, fast growing, shelter and hedging. Ces très petites feuilles ressemblent à celles des bruyères, jaune bronze. The following other s use this file: Usage on en. Upright growing New Zealand evergreen shrub with golden orange stems and olive leaves.

Masses of tiny white daisy flowers in summer. Soort gewas, Sierheesters – Struiken. It grows 3-4m and has stiff angular branches that are somewhat. Description: OLEARIA SOLANDRI AUREA C 2L. Variant: Variété: SOLANDRI AUREA.

CatalogCategoryNL: SIERHEESTERS. Useful informations about herbs. Natural herbs: Olearia solandri.

You can check the distribution by searching for . In summer clouds of fragrant small white . Original Filename: Olearia_solandri__3_. Pflanze in keiner anderen Größe vorhanden? Not the hardiest of Olearias, but an excellent plant for providing shelter in exposed gardens in coastal areas that are not too cold.

Synonymy: ≡ Eurybia solandri Hook.