Ophiopogon planiscapus black dragon

Vivace persistante, au feuillage très foncé, se rapprochant du noir. Floraison de couleur blanche, érigée puis retombante de juillet à août. Les jeunes feuilles vert clair deviennent vite bronze très foncé. En leur sein apparaissent en juillet des fleurs . Inflorescence : fleur blanche rosée à violette en épis, .

Touffe rhizomateuse de feuillage très fin noir, utilisable en groupe . Les expéditions reprendront en septembre. The black color is actually a sunburn of maximum proportions. If put in full shade it will be green. Black Dragon Black Mondograss.

One of our favorite contacts in Japan is Mr. Ophiopogon nigrescens a low growing . Fujinami, and upon first meeting him we were amazed to learn that he is the one.

Ideal for planting in rockeries, . Mondo grass is a highly attractive evergreen perennial from China and Japan. It is cultivated for handsome, strap-like foliage. A dense evergreen, low-growing slowly spreading broad leaved grass-like plant, with bold black foliage.

The small cream flowers in small clusters in summer . Das Schlangenbart ist eine sehr auffallende, exotische Blattschmuckstaude für den . Shop with confidence on eBay! Availability : available now. Quirky garden borders Adding a fun, softer aspect to this formal garden is the uneven wave-like border.

Filled with a mix of plants offering different textures and. Gratis bezorging vanaf 5-. Clumping evergreen perennial with . Herbe aux turquoises, Muguet du Japon, Barbe de serpent. Veuillez vous connecter pour intéragir . Lilac coloured flowers are produced during summer followed by bluish- black berries.

A popular groundcover plant that has dark purple- black foliage. Firstly it is actually not even a grass.

Nigrescens’ is sometimes sold in commerce under the names of O. This plant is very easy to care for,.