Ophiopogon planiscapus

Situation : Dans les régions aux hivers peu rigoureux, car la plante meurt au-dessous de – °C et le feuillage est abîmé à . It can grow to inches tall by. Grass like low spreading perennial with black leaves, lilac flowers in summer followed by black berries, sunny. Avis : Soyez le premier à donner le votre ! Surprenant coloris de feuillage – dès lots au choix achetés et – dès lots . Photo Credit: Bob Brown of the Isle of Wight.

Peter Nielson near Tauranga, New Zealand (North Island). One of our favorite contacts in Japan is Mr. Fujinami, and upon first meeting him we were amazed to learn that he is the one.

Black Dragon Black Mondograss. A clump-forming perennial with narrow curving, dark green leaves. Clusters of pale purplish white flowers followed by dark blue-black fruit. Straplike, shiny black foliage that grows in little tufts to a height of about and spreads through ground stolons.

Bell-shaped lavender-pink flowers are produced . A black foliage form of Dwarf Mondo Grass stays around 2-and.

This unusual groundcover features striking, grass-like foliage in a dark . The black color is actually a sunburn of maximum proportions. If put in full shade it will be green. Une plante vivace du Jardin du Morvan, la pépinière de plantes vivaces . Mondo grass is a highly attractive evergreen perennial from China and Japan.

It is cultivated for handsome, strap-like foliage. Ophiopogon nigrescens a low growing . Description : Feuillage émerge vert violacé, puis devient presque noir. With its nearly jet-black leaves, this makes a most unique specimen for edging or in the rock garden.

Short spikes of pale-pink flowers are followed by black . Not a grass at all, but the black, evergreen arching . Slowly spreading evergreen carpets of strap like green foliage and spikes of white flower followed by blue berries. OPHIOPOGON planiscapus Nigrescens. Vivace au feuillage presque noir. Les fleurs sont rose pâle et contrastent magnifiquement avec le . Plant Type: Ground Cover, Perennial.

Evergreen-Deciduous: Evergreen. Couleur de floraison : Hauteur de la plante à maturité : Nature du feuillage : Port de la plante : Fruits remontants : Non Mois début floraison : Mois fin floraison .