Philadelphus lewisii

It is in flower from June to July. Philadelphus lewisii is a deciduous Shrub growing to 3. The species is hermaphrodite . Flowering Period: May, Jun, Jul May June July. AUTHORSHIP AND CITATION : Carey, Jennifer H. Department of Agriculture, Forest . The fragrance is amazing : . Toward the realization of a truly interesting, fragrant garden in the American . Common name: Wild Mockorange. Pronunciation: fil-a-DEL-fus lu-IS-e-i.

Compact, rounded form with medium green foliage and delightfully fragrant pure white flowers that bloom in . Distribution Mock Orange also known by some as Syringa can be found throughout the state at low to middle elevations. Growth Habit Mock Orange grows to . Come see it at Pier Park along with many other natives. The arching branches of the lewisii species of Mock Orange greet summer with a prolific burst of pure white blooms. Some varieties offer light, sweet . Photos et fiche descriptive détaillée des plantes de votre jardin, avec dimensions et caractéristiques. Meriwether Lewis, of the Lewis.

An arching, winter deciduous shrub 4-8′. Shrub, to feet, tolerates partial shade. State Flower of Idaho because of showy, fragrant white flowers in summer.

Bright green leaves, turn yellow in fall. Flowers appear in ornamental clusters and have sweet nectar smell like . An outstanding shrub with an upright rounded branching habit and dark green foliage. Profuse showy fragrant large single white flowers in late June. This native mock orange was selected by Roger Raiche and Ron Lutsko in Shasta County.

It caught their eye while driving along Route west of Red Bluff,.