Phormium cookianum

Plante vivace pouvant atteindre une hauteur de m, au feuillage persistant, vert brillant à fines bordures blanches. Floraison en panicule de fleurs rouges, . Feuilles érigées, linéaires, étroites, arquées, jaune crème marginées de vert. Green, soft, floppy and luxuriant are the hallmarks of Mountain Flax – as opposed to glaucous, erect and spiky being the hallmarks of the . Phormium au feuillage panaché jaune et vert. Despite its common name the New Zealand Mountain flax .

Il existe deux espèces de lin de Nouvelle-Zélande : phormium tenax et phormium cookianum. Cultivé en pot ou en bac, le phormium fait une entrée remarquée sur les balcons,. Drooping, twisted seed pods and shiny-green, wide, weeping leaves. Il forme une touffe basse, assez retombante. It is hardy to zone (UK) and is not frost tender.

Frost hardy evergreen perennial with green strap- like leaves margined cream and yellow edged with red. The smaller growing species of the two native flax generally available. With attractive gracefully drooping long bright green .

Touffe de longues feuilles vertes retombantes. Common Name(s ): Mountain flax, wharariki. Large dramatic flower heads . Categories: Shrubs and Perennials.

Found throughout NZ, this native flax has dark, olive-green slightly weeping leaves with long flower stalks bearing yellowish orange flowers during summer. PHORMIUM cookianum – greenish-yellow to orange flower panicles, broad leaves. Le Lin de Nouvelle-Zélande est une vivace à grandes feuillage rouge. Blechnum procerum, Celmisia adamsii var.

Het blad is blauwgroen, geel gestreept met fijne. A nice substitute for the straight species. The cultivar has drooping leaves and does best in full. Tricolor – Lovely leaf variegation: litre pot: £19.

He Aitaka a Tāne Wharariki easily mistaken for versatile cousin. Although they are widely known as flaxes, wharariki and . Looking for Mountain Flax, also known as New Zealand Mountain Flax or Wharariki , for your garden landscape? Meer informatie over dit onderwerp kunt u terugvinden op de website van Plantentuin Esveld in Boskoop.

This is the coastal form and is very hardy in exposed conditions.

Coastal Flax) – Weeping green foliage.