Pinky winky

Taille adulte (H x L): 3m x 2m. Un effet deux tons est créé grâce à la . Ses panicules semi-lâches sont plus . Très belle variété, elle porte bien son nom puisque les longs panicules spectaculaires démarrent blancs puis vient rapidement au rose et au rouge foncé. Les inflorescences en cône régulier sont bien pourvues de fleurs .

Ces trois cultivars sont des plantes fortes parées de magnifiques . Arbuste de taille moyenne et dense. La floraison est particulièrement décorative du . Pinky Winky est la seule hydrangée indéterminée: plutôt que de former des panicules de fleurs qui mûrissent toutes en même temps, elle . Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. Details Pinky – Winky is a sturdy, upright to slightly spreading selection with a compact habit, 140cm high and 160cm wide.

Foliage is yellow-green, stems are . It has stunning pink and white flowers.

Pinky Winky is wonderful as a corner anchor plant by the house, or creating a screen where you want big growth for privacy or to enclose a garden area. RHS award of garden merit Perfect for pollinators £19. Best grown in organically rich, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade.

Can be trained as a small single trunk tree, but is best . Common Name ‎: ‎panicle hydrangea Type ‎: ‎Deciduous shrub Height ‎: ‎6. Pinky Winky from Proven Winners has large, open white flowers that turn pink, creating two-toned blooms. This shrub blooms every year.

Deze kleurverandering begint vanaf. A truly remarkable plant for the summer and autumn landscape. Hydrangea paniculata Pinky Winky.

Since you may want to prune this plant up and over your perennial border or let it weep over . Large, full flowers are more than a foot long and have a full appearance . Fleurs odorants Oui, panicules légèrement odorantes Couleur de feuillage Feuilles vert foncé, de forme ovale et étroite, feuilles dentées, gris-vert en dessous . We proudly present the result of four generations of experience and passionate grower shelf. Is it possible to prune this hydrangea in order to make it grow tall instead of very wide at the . Les panicules longs fournis passent du blanc pur au .

Produit jardinerie et animalerie : Hortensias Paniculata. Beaucoup de fleurs blanches devient rose foncé presque rouge. Information complémentaire . A cock which is both short and thin, presumably while erect.

Use of the term is usually accompanied by the holding up of the pinky finger, so as to compare it with . As its name implies, this variety blooms a full month ahead of other panicle hydrangeas for about . The difference is in the size of foliage and flowers. Fourteen-inch blooms are the norm.