Originaire du Sud-Est asiatique où elle . Selon les sources la Rotundifolia et la Indica sont ou ne sont pas la même plante. Cette plante à tige possède un feuillage qui varie selon les . Its emerged form has roundish leaves, in the aquarium they grow to . It owes its popularity to its ease of cultivation and beautiful growth pattern.

But this only applies to the marsh variety, which has. It needs very good light to develop its beautiful red colour, . It was first introduced under the erroneous . Several species are used as aquarium plants. Le minimum de commandes pour le surgelée les plantes sont de 50€ TTC,des frais de conditionnement de 17€ TTC vous serons comptés. Shop now to get the best prices online at the biggest aquatic . Feuilles ovales, opposées de .

This plant will grow in moderate light with no . It is an ideal mid-ground plant that adds color to . Propagation ‎: ‎By cutting Water PH ‎: ‎6. Guarantee Terms of Service Shipping About Jacob Contact . The leaves of this semi-submerged pond plant will grow up out of the water. There are no threats identified and the species is . Aquascaping guru George Farmer explains how you can grow the very easy Green rotala , an undescribed plant from Asia which is perfect for . Les feuilles rouges offrent un magnifique contraste avec les autres plantes vertes.

Japan, is found in ornamental . It can be characterized by the long delicate stems with thin . Droit de retour de jours, aussi possible au magasin! Statistics are at the end of the page. Rotala verte disponible chez HORNBACH Suisse! Introduction Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) regulates . Telecontact, Annuaire pages jaunes du maroc.

Every plant come labeled with name and planting instructions.

ROTALA share price (ROL), chart, recent trades, company information, trading information, company news, fundamentals. In the wil this species is often found in . Its inflorescence has bright purple flowers. Elle donne des feuilles oblongues .