Sansevieria plant

Elle appartient à la famille . Son feuillage est original et . Cette plante préfère dégager de . Peu exigeante, résistante, elle séduit par son feuillage graphique. Native to South Africa and Asia. Too much water in the pot can restrict the oxygen flow to the roots, .

USDA Hardiness Zones ‎: ‎Grows outdoors in U. Foliage ‎: ‎stiff, very thick leaves, often mottled with. The upward reaching leaves of this easy-to-care-for plant. Snake plant , or sansevieria , is a hardy indoor plant you can grow just about anywhere. Learn how to grow snake plant. De culture facile la sansevieria est appréciée pour son feuillage vertical.

The sansevieria trifasciata picked up the name mother in laws tongue from the sharpness of the evergreen sword like leaves that grow in an upward fashion. Our Snake Plant information and . Aller à Entretenir la plante de façon générale – Après avoir rempoté la plante , arrosez-la généreusement.

The easiest (and most forgiving) houseplant: Delivery by Waitrose . La sansevieria est toxique pour les animaux, . The plant , including the pot is currently about 65cm tall. It may be exchanged by seller in case of factory damage on a case to case basis. Cancellation for Live Plants items is allowed . This product is Not Returnable. Find sansevieria ads in our Plants category.

Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. Famille: Asparagacées Origine: Afrique tropicale, Asie. It needs only moderate levels of water, . Sansevieria Plants enjoy being root-bound in small pots.

Easy to care for, the plant is perfect for people with allergies. The leaves are mottled green with bright gold variegated. Anders is er kans op wortelrot, de plant kan hier na verloop van tijd aan overlijden. One of the most popular of houseplants also has a most unusual appearance.

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Other Common Names: mother-in-law tongue snake plant.