Sauromatum venosum

Sauromatum venosuune plnte bizarre au nom bizarre. Facile à cultiver au jardin en terrain frais, riche et drainant. Se cultive aussi bien en pot. Période de floraison : Fin de printemps, début.

This is species is an aroi not a true lily.

Typhonium venosum is an ornamental plant in the Araceae. Elle peut vivre et fleurir sans terre ni eau, avec seulement de la lumière ! On peut cultiver cette plante au jardin ou en pot. It has a twisted yellow to brown spathe that is . All plant parts of this plant are poisonous. Native to upland areas of Africa and Asia, voodoo lily has flowers that emit a foul smell resembling rotting meat.

Grosse erreur comme acquisition pour une plante en appartement. The tuber acts as storage for the nutrients and starchy reserves that the plant .

Frost tender, perennial (min 5C). Needs a sheltere semi -shaded position and humus-rich, well-drained soil. The petioles light green with dark spots and in early . The population appears to be stable at present.

Get contact details, address, map on . Agricultural systems in Ethiopia. Nous sommes actuellement en train de travailler sur la traduction . Photo: Mike Bingham Lusaka, Protea Hill, grown from seed Chifwema roa Lusaka. National Institutes of Health Watch Topic . Native to the Himalayas, this stunning aroid is one of the hardiest exotic . Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike . Voodoo Lily is a very unusual, shade loving plant, found in the Himamalyas.

It produces a tubular shape purplish green flower, with dark . Singh Bains J(1), Singh J, Kamboj SS, . Purple-brown, large flowers, height ± cm. Flora of tropical East Africa.

A geophyte with a, perennial tuber from which arises the short peduncle and purple-spotted spathe and later the single taller petiole with divided lamina 1-ft. Grown indoors it can grow up to 25cm. This beguiling stinker could be called Beauty and the Beast.

The fascinating flower appears before the leaves with the flower bud . This tuberous perennial has an extraordinarily large distribution and range of habitats, which is. Known as the Voodoo lily, this arum is striking, with its spathe, beautifully mottled in shades of brown, sitting barely above the groun .