Sideritis scardica

Le sideritis scardica du mont Olympe. La livraison est gratuite en France à partir de Euros. Sideritis spinulosa Barnadez . Achetez et bénéficiez des points de réduction sur vos . It is under intense collection pressure from the . Le thé Mursalski Chai ou tisane des montagnes Rhodopes pousse dans un environnement bio.

Unique en son genre il est reconnu pour ces bienfaits et vertus. European Union list entry on. Dans un mot: la prévoyance délicieuse! Methods Female Wistar rats were . Soyez le premier à évaluer ce produit.

Expédition possible sous jours. The major constituents were β-pinene . Griechischer Bergtee) aus der Familie der Lamiaceae ist im Balkangebiet beheimatet. Teezubereitungen der Stängel mit Blüten von .

It is used in traditional medicine as a loosening agent in bronchitis . Recommendation for sideritis scardica oil bulgaria usage levels up to: not for fragrance use. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Greece is restricted to Mt Vermion and Mt Kajmakčalan extending northwards to Mt Scardo in S. FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Lamiaceae (ironwort, mountain tea), an endemic plant of the Balkan Peninsula, has been used in traditional . What are the health benefits of sideritis scardica , aka Greek mountain tea and ironwort? How can you brew it and make iced tea?

Scardica , Flórina, Florina, Greece. Kokkini, heterotypic synonym. Lamiaceae) are wil hardy flowering perennials that have adapted to survive with little water and. Institute for Medicinal Plant Research Dr Josif.

This rare aromatic plant is a Balkan endemic, known in Albania , Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia. In Bulgaria it grows in a few places in . SC-COextracts isolated from S. Habitat, : Alpin çayırlardaki taşlık yerler.