Trachelospermum jasminoides variegatum

Le trachélospermum jasminoides variegata est une variété de jasmin étoilé à la jolie feuillage panaché blanc et vert, persistant. Synonymes, nom vernaculaire Jasmin de Chine panaché, jasmin étoilé panaché. Jasmin étoilé panaché, parfumé, feuillage vert, blanc et crême très lumineux, intéressant même hors période de floraison, superbe coloration automnale et . Le trachelospermum ou jasmin étoilé est une plantes ligneuses. Plante grimpante volubile au superbe feuillage .

A twining climber with glossy dark green leaves, margined and splashed with cream, often turning crimson in winter. Pure white fragrant flowers are borne from. Also occurs naturally in Korea and Japan. Trachelospermum jasminoides Variegatum – Star Jasmine, Plant in 9cm Pot.

Catégorie : Plantes grimpantes. A very fragrant rarer form of the popular evergreen climber, producing clusters of 25mm white flowers in mid-summer. The striking creamy yellow variegation . Strongly scente creamy white flowers in summer.

Glaucous green and white variegate ovate, evergreen leaves that take on beautiful red hues in Autumn and . Floraison : parfumée printemps, été. Feuillage : persistant, vert mat panaché de blanc et de gris. Buy online for fast UK delivery, 2yr . Evergreen twining climber with very fragrant, long-lasting white flowers in summer. Leaves have a creamy white variegation. Nice form of star jasmine with large sage green leaves edged in cream.

New growth emerges a very pretty pink. From June to August a continuous supply of . Suitable for pots buy online UK . Livraison rapide et Economies garanties en plante poussée ! Though rather slow growing this very sought after sophisticated climber is worth the wait Very pretty with its variegated green leaves splashed with. Highly fragrant flowers in midsummer.

The leaves have white variegation and are tinged pink in winter – choose from our extensive selection of plants, seeds, . Large- leaved pink, cream and green variegated self-clinging climbing evergreen pinker. This twining evergreen vine has leaves bordered and . Confederate Jasmine, Variegated.

An evergreen climber with decorative variegate foliage. Jeune plant en motte – Hauteur du . Buy trachelospermum jasminoides – Soil type: Chalky – Delivery by Crocus.