Inanedione-based anticoagulant rodenticide, considered to be the fastest-acting amongst them. It is highly toxic for rodents, while having a . Pesticide properties for chlorophacinone , including approvals, environmental fate , eco-toxicity and human health issues. Avoine de haute qualité, décortiquée et imprégnée par un process spécifique Liphatech : la Turbo-Imprégnation en continu. Excellente appétence et efficacité .

Ratio stéréoisomérique non défini (RS). Chlorophacinone : Substance chimique de formule brute : C23H15ClO de la famille des indandiones. Rozol is used also in production of paraffin blocks, water bait, and tracking powder and is.

Abstract: Oat groat baits containing 0. It has not been effected by the EPA . A straightforward synthesis for the anticoagulant rodenticide chlorophacinone is described. The short synthesis uses commercially available mandelic acid and .

Famille chimique : Antivitamine K. Variants : chlorophacinone. Many translated example sentences containing chlorophacinone – French- English dictionary and search engine for French translations. La recueillir dans un becher. Use this link for bookmarking this species . Title, Modification to procedures for the determination of chlorophacinone and for multi-residue analysis of rodenticides in animal tissues.

Molecular Formula: C23H15ClO Molecular Weight: 374. A liquid chromatographic method was used for the analysis of chlorophacinone in corn, soil and rat plasma. Sample preparation differed from corn, soil and . Sub-lethal effects of the anticoagulant rodenticides bromadiolone and chlorophacinone on breeding performances of the barn owl (Tyto alba) in oil palm . De très nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant chlorophacinone – Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises. Despite widespread use and benefit, there are growing concerns regarding hazards of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides to . Click any product for label and more information. IN ALL CASES CONSULT A DOCTOR!


Bromadiolone, chlorophacinone , difethialone, diphacinone, brodifacoum, and warfarin are all anticoagulants. There are a number of rodenticides that are not . Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment. We describe lesions in adult domestic pigeons (Columba livia) poisoned with chlorophacinone , an indandione anticoagulant rodenticide.

Les rodenticides anticoagulants contiennent de la warfarine, de la chlorophacinone , du brodifacoume, de la dipacinone, de la fumarine, . Compendium of Pesticide Common Names , including IUPAC and CAS systematic names, molecular formula, structural . Anticoagulant utilisé comme raticide. List of Brand Name Products which Contain this Chemical, Percentage by Mass. ROZOL RODENTICIDE TECHNICAL POWDER, 96.

An anticoagulant used as a rodenticide.